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“Honey, it’s not a race car. It’s a car. On a race track.”

After 2 seasons of epic breakdowns, stuck throttles, simultaneously nonexistent 1st/2nd/5th gears, failed grafting experimentation (note: Cheforduzu trans, not a good idea), and only one actual fire, we’re proud to lay claim to 2 first-in-class-C finishes with our Team Pinewood Dirtbag Chevy Luv’s. Still scratching your heads? 24 Hours of Lemons is racing for the rest of us, an endurance contest with a strict-ish $500 limit and a habit of securing track time when weather is either blinding hot (115° desert racing? No problem! Sign me up!) or Arse-freeze-a-palooza cold.

Alloy was fortunate enough to find two Chevy Luvs, and after a season as team Two Fast for Luv, we had a come-to-Jesus with what we actually had on our hands: two completely un-aerodynamic vehicles, perfectly reminiscent of old Pinewood Derby cars. Team Pinewood Dirtbags was born. We’ve cobbled together a potpourri of racers and non-racers over the past 2 years to attend events at Infineon, Thunderhill and Buttonwillow. We don’t always finish, but when we do, it feels incredibly awesome.

Beaches are for Pussies

Started by Jay Lamm, former Editor-in-Chief of Sports Car International, Vintage Motorsport, and Corvette Magazine, the 24 Hours of Lemons series offers automotive enthusiasts a thrilling, if not relaxing, vacation destination. Camping and welding in the great, paved outdoors, and going fairly fast on a road course are part of the fun. It’s a nationwide race series, and we’re happy to have found a family of like-minded makers/fixers/doers and all around cool people on the circuit. As often happens with family, we are happy to have many teams staying with us in our “big shop” in West Oakland.

Stop by one of our open houses to meet teams, or visit 24HoursofLemons.com for info on the race series. Also check out our Facebook page for up-to-date stories from our build.

This note wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to the Pussywagon, Sonoma Race Boys, Buffalo Bill Sentra, and of course, the upcoming Riviata.

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